Perinatal Mortality Surveillance

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Perinatal Mortality Surveillance for Births in 2016 - published 2018


This series of slides covers the findings and recommendations from the perinatal mortality surveillance for births in 2016 which were presented at the report launch meeting in June 2018.

At this launch meeting updates on the national Perinatal Mortality Review Tool and the National Bereavement Pathway were presented.

At the meeting on the 15th June Lucy Smith and Lisa Hinton also launched the project ‘Exploring parents’ experiences of losing a baby between 20 and 24 weeks of pregnancy’

The slides are available here:

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The following posters are a selection of those presented at the perinatal mortality surveillance report launch meeting in Birmingham on 15th June 2018.

Perinatal Mortality Surveillance Report for 2014 - published 2016

This is a series of slide sets which cover the introduction and methods used to generate the report for perinatal mortality in 2014, interpretation of the findings, high risk pregnancies and birth, and individual Trust and Health Board reports.

Abstracts were submitted and five presentations were selected for the ‘5 slides, 10 minute’ sharing practice section; the slides are presented below.

Three invited speakers presented: a summary of the 2016 Lancet stillbirth series (Dr Alex Heazell); the development of the standardised perinatal mortality review tool (Dr Tracey Johnson); and the NHS England – Saving Babies’ Lives Care Bundle (Dr Matthew Jolly). 

Perinatal Mortality Surveillance Report for 2013 - published 2015

Short podcasts explaining elements of the report can be viewed via the following links:

  1. Perinatal Mortality Surveillance Report 2015
  2. The Impact of 22 and 23 week Gestation Births on Perinatal Mortality
  3. How did we analyse the data?

This is a series of three slide sets which cover the introduction and methods from the launch meeting, the main surveillance findings and the impact of babies 22-23 weeks on the perinatal mortality rate.

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