Perinatal Mortality Surveillance

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Perinatal Mortality Surveillance for Births in 2016 - published 2018


This series of slides covers the findings and recommendations from the perinatal mortality surveillance for births in 2016 which were presented at the report launch meeting in June 2018.

01 Perinatal mortality of births in 2016 – key findings June 2018

02 Perinatal mortality of births in 2016 – improving data quality June 2018

At this launch meeting updates on the national Perinatal Mortality Review Tool and the National Bereavement Pathway were presented.

03 National Perinatal Mortality Review tool – update June 2018

04 National Bereavement Care Pathway development – update June 2018 

At the meeting on the 15th June Lucy Smith and Lisa Hinton also launched the project ‘Exploring parents’ experiences of losing a baby between 20 and 24 weeks of pregnancy’

The slides are available here:

05 Parents’ experiences of baby loss at 20-24 weeks pregnancy – June 2018

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The following posters are a selection of those presented at the perinatal mortality surveillance report launch meeting in Birmingham on 15th June 2018.

National Bereavement Care Pathway

Supporting Muslim Families Through Pregnancy Loss or the Death of a Baby

Development of a system-wide process for implementing the recommendations for independent external presence at maternity case reviews

Using maternity wallets to aid safer pregnancies

Introduction of a multidisciplinary perinatal mortality review committee in a busy referral hospital: Lessons learnt and future directions

Monitoring perinatal mortality in NHS Trusts and Health Boards across the UK

Sharing good practice on how to improve fetal growth assessment to reduce stillbirths

Development of a Core Outcome Set and identification of outcome measurement tools for interventions after stillbirth

Identifying subgroups of women most at risk of extended perinatal mortality in England using Latent Class Analysis

The data never lies? A tertiary NICU's experience of responding to CQC alerts for raised neonatal mortality

Northumbria NHS Foundation Trust Perinatal Mortality Review 2015-2017

A Masterclass in Excellence: Changing Outcomes at Peterborough City Hospital

Perinatal Mortality Review Board: A robust system for reduction of avoidable perinatal deaths

The Perinatal Review Toolkit – Sharing Lessons Learnt at Barking, Havering and Redbridge University Teaching Hospital NHS Trust (BHRUT) January – April 2018

Perinatal Mortality Surveillance Report for 2014 - published 2016

This is a series of slide sets which cover the introduction and methods used to generate the report for perinatal mortality in 2014, interpretation of the findings, high risk pregnancies and birth, and individual Trust and Health Board reports.

Abstracts were submitted and five presentations were selected for the ‘5 slides, 10 minute’ sharing practice section; the slides are presented below.

Three invited speakers presented: a summary of the 2016 Lancet stillbirth series (Dr Alex Heazell); the development of the standardised perinatal mortality review tool (Dr Tracey Johnson); and the NHS England – Saving Babies’ Lives Care Bundle (Dr Matthew Jolly). 

01 CEIPSBNND Introduction, Methods and Care Quality Findings

02 CEIPSBNND Antenatal Care Findings

03 CEIPSBNND Care Before Labour

04 CEIPSBNND Monitoring Labour

05 CEIPSBNND Intrapartum Care

06 CEIPSBNND Resuscitation and Neonatal Care

07 CEIPSBNND Care After Birth

08 CEIPSBNND Post Mortem

09 CEIPSBNND Local Reviews of Deaths

10 CEIPSBNND Recommendations

Perinatal Mortality Surveillance Report for 2013 - published 2015

Short podcasts explaining elements of the report can be viewed via the following links:

  1. Perinatal Mortality Surveillance Report 2015
  2. The Impact of 22 and 23 week Gestation Births on Perinatal Mortality
  3. How did we analyse the data?

This is a series of three slide sets which cover the introduction and methods from the launch meeting, the main surveillance findings and the impact of babies 22-23 weeks on the perinatal mortality rate.

01 Perinatal mortality - introduction and methods June 2015

02 Perinatal mortality - main findings June 2015

03 Perinatal mortality - impact of babies less than 22 weeks June 2015

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