NPEU Clinical Trials Unit (CTU)


Important Notice

In view of the COVID-19 outbreak, there have been changes to the recruitment of some of our trials. Please check the status of the trial on the individual trial homepage. 

The NPEU Clinical Trials Unit (NPEU CTU) is a fully registered UKCRC Clinical Trials Unit and typically runs a number of large multi-centre Randomised Controlled Trials, both nationally and internationally. The on-going programme of trials evaluates a broad range of interventions for women and babies in the perinatal health services.

This unit receives National Institute for Health Research CTU Support Funding.
This funding has been awarded to support the unit in developing and supporting NIHR.

The NPEU CTU aims to:

  • Design, develop, organise and conduct pragmatic randomised controlled trials which assess the clinical and cost effectiveness of interventions on important and, ideally, substantive outcome measures. These range from early phase single centre clinical trials (including feasibility and pilot studies) to large multi-centre randomised controlled trials
  • Support other researchers in the UK and overseas in the design, development, conduct and analysis of randomised controlled trials in the perinatal field (for more details visit NPEU CTU Support for New Trials)
  • Provide expertise and support on all aspects of clinical trials, including: study design, trial management and monitoring, randomisation, statistical analysis, design and validation of clinical and administrative databases, data management including remote data capture, data entry and quality control, case report form (CRF) design, health economic evaluation, dissemination of results, quality assurance and regulatory functions
  • Develop methodology to improve the understanding, and promote the undertaking, of innovative randomised controlled trials
  • Disseminate trial results to clinicians and participants to facilitate evidence-based best practice and improve the care provided by the NHS

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