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The National Perinatal Epidemiology Unit - Conducting robust research to improve care for mothers, babies and families since 1978

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The Policy Research Unit in Maternal and Neonatal Health and Care (PRU-MNHC) began a programme of work in January 2019 with funding from the Policy Research Programme at the Department of Health and Social Care (England) via the National Institute for Health Research.

Clinical Trials Unit

The NPEU Clinical Trials Unit (NPEU CTU) is a fully registered UKCRC Clinical Trials Unit and typically runs a number of large multi-centre Randomised Controlled Trials.


The NPEU also conducts Social Sciences, Health Economics and Epidemiological Research (SHEER) which includes on-going influential studies.

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Funding secured for PPI in a planned PSP on perinatal care for LGBT+ people

As part of Pride Month, Ilana Levene, an NPEU DPhil student, is delighted to announce that she has secured an internal grant from the Participatory Research Fund to cover the costs of public and patient involvement (PPI) in planning a Priority Setting Partnership (PSP) on perinatal care for LGBT+ people.

This will be an exciting collaboration between academics, clinicians and people with lived experience across the UK to do foundational work to ensure that the subsequent PSP has PPI input embedded from its inception. Collaborating with people with lived experience is so important to ensure a focus on their insights and values throughout research, and the Participatory Research Fund was excited to support this example of very early involvement. Our PPI partners have particularly valued the budget that was included for childcare costs and expenses for virtual meetings (to cover electricity, internet costs and so on).

This work will contribute towards building our PPI network groups and contacts as well as working towards the target of securing funding for the PSP.