The NPEU is an internationally recognised, multi-disciplinary research unit based at the University of Oxford, Old Road Campus in Headington, Oxford. The Unit undertakes research about pregnancy, childbirth and newborn babies. This is reflected in the backgrounds of the people working in the Unit (obstetrics, midwifery, paediatrics, epidemiology, social science, economics, statistics, programming, plus administrative and clerical staff). Funding is provided by grants from a variety of sources including the Department of Health Policy Research Programme, the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR), other funding agencies and medical research charities.

Research Themes

Alcohol in pregnancy (2 projects)

Antenatal care (11 projects)

Breastfeeding (7 projects)

Care of the compromised term infant (9 projects)

Care of the preterm or low birthweight infant (17 projects)

Child health and development (11 projects)

Congenital anomalies (7 projects)

Disability (6 projects)

Infertility (5 projects)

Labour and delivery (25 projects)

Mental health and wellbeing (8 projects)

Multiple births (2 projects)

Obesity (5 projects)

Organisation and delivery of maternity and neonatal care (9 projects)

Paediatric Surgery (10 projects)

Parents (5 projects)

Preterm birth (15 projects)

Resilience (1 project)

Severe maternal morbidity and mortality (57 projects)

Smoking in pregnancy (2 projects)

Socioeconomic and ethnic inequalities (14 projects)

Stillbirth and infant death (8 projects)

Women's experience of maternity care (19 projects)