Data Collection Forms


ANODE Written Consent Form v2.2 Blank copies of data collection forms will be provided to recruiting sites as part of their document box. Additional copies can be requested using the Document Re-order Form.

ANODE Form 1: Confirmation of Eligibility v2.0

ANODE Form 2: Randomisation and Intervention v2.0 

ANODE Form 3: Contact Details v1.0

ANODE Form 7: Withdrawal v1.0

ANODE Incident and Deviation Form v2.0

ANODE SAE Report Form v1.0

ANODE Verbal Consent Form v2.2

ANODE Written Consent Form v2.2

Please remember to photocopy all data collection forms (and retain the photocopies) before returning the original to the ANODE Coordinating Centre.

Updated: Thursday, 02 July 2020 18:25 (v10)