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FROSTTIE: A randomised controlled trial of FRenotomy and breastfeeding support Or breastfeeding Support without frenotomy to investigate continuation of breastfeeding for babies with Tongue-TIE


About the trial

Due to the challenges of recruiting during the coronavirus pandemic, the FROSTTIE trial has now closed to new participants. We are in the process of completing follow-up of all mums and babies who joined the trial. We would like to extend our thanks to them and to all the site staff who have helped.

FROSTTIE is a multi-centred randomised trial for babies with breastfeeding difficulties who are thought to have tongue-tie and who are receiving breastfeeding support and there is uncertainty about whether frenotomy would help continuation of breastfeeding.

The aim of the trial is to find out if skilled support for breastfeeding on its own, or together with a frenotomy helps mothers and their babies to breastfeed.

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Find out more about the trial or read the FAQs for clinicians. Further information is available by contacting the trial team.

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