Minidex launch: collaborator event February 10th

On Wednesday 10th February, the Minidex team hosted the first Minidex collaborator event and training day at The Studio in Leeds. The day was a real success, with attendees from 9 of the 11 recruiting sites. A broad range of professionals attended, including principal investigators, research nurses, doctors, R&D staff and pharmacists. Training was delivered by Dr Helen Yates, Dr Kathryn Johnson, Ms Charlotte Reilly, Dr Mark Turner and Ms Ursula Bowler, and the day was chaired by Dr Simon Newell. There was lots of discussion about the Minidex trial, with much input from all attendees. Thank you to all who came – the day was highly enjoyable and your views and feedback have been extremely helpful in the recent developments to Minidex. We look forward to continuing working with you!

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