FROSTTIE looking for recruiting sites

FROSTTIE has recently been granted REC and HRA approval. We are looking for more centres to join the trial as recruiting sites.

FROSTTIE (REC reference 18/SC/0580; IRAS 235355) is a multi-centred randomised trial for babies with breastfeeding difficulties who are thought to have tongue-tie and who are receiving breastfeeding support, and there is uncertainty about whether frenotomy would help continuation of breastfeeding.

The aim of the trial is to find out if skilled support for breastfeeding on its own, or together with a frenotomy helps mothers and their babies to breastfeed.

If you are able to provide or facilitate infant feeding support services, with a minimum breastfeeding support level of:

  • Initial face-to-face assessment of breastfeeding;
  • Advice on positioning and attachment;
  • At least one follow-up visit, together with drop-in clinic advice as required, but available on more than one day a week;*
  • A standard follow-up visit at 1-2 weeks after frenotomy;*

Your site may be able to take part in this study. *Please note follow-up visits do not necessarily have to take place at your trust for you to take part.

For more information, please contact:
Oliver Hewer | FROSTTIE Trial Manager
Tel: 01865 617919 | Email: /

Madeleine Hurd | FROSTTIE Data Co-ordinator / Administrative Assistant
01865 289739 Email: /

NPEU Clinical Trials Unit | University of Oxford | Old Road Campus | Oxford OX3 7LF

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