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Many mothers and babies have difficulties when they first start breastfeeding. In some babies it is thought that their difficulties may be linked to a condition called tongue-tie, in which a piece of skin tightly joins the middle part of the underside of the tongue to the base of the baby’s mouth. We aim to find out if support for breastfeeding, or support for breastfeeding with a frenotomy (dividing this skin which may be limiting movement of the baby’s tongue) helps mothers and their babies to successfully breastfeed. Both of these forms of care are standard practice in many hospitals around the country. Currently, we do not know which of these is better for mothers and babies. We will compare the number of babies who received breastfeeding support with those who had breastfeeding support and the frenotomy, to find out how many babies in each group are still breastfed at three months old. The findings of this study will help guide care for women and their babies who are trying to breastfeed in the future.

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