Site Training

This page contains training videos for the FROSTTIE study. There are three videos on using the Randomisation system and OpenClinica:

There is also a video explaining changes to trial processes as we move to an unblinded (open) study design, from 27 August 2019.


This video shows you how to randomise an infant and enter contact details:

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OpenClinica navigation and data entry

This video gives an introduction to OpenClinica and how to enter data:

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OpenClinica discrepancy notes

This video shows you how to manage data queries and discrepancy notes on OpenClinica:

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Removal of blinding procedures from study design

This video explains changes to trial procedures as a result of moving to an unblinded (open) study design. It is relevant to all sites open or in set-up prior to 27 August 2019:

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If you have any difficulty accessing these videos please contact the FROSTTIE team:

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