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We have reached our recruitment target!

We have just reached our planned recruitment target of 3,424 participants! HUGE THANKS to all of our recruiting sites and participants. There would be no trial without you and we are thrilled to reach this milestone. We still have 6 week follow-up and data cleaning to go - so the job is not quite done! But we are one giant step closer. 

Happy International Clinical Trials Day

Thank you to all our sites and particpants for your huge contribution to the ANODE Trial - happy International Clinical Trials Day to all of you, from all of us!

Magnificent May and another ANODE milestone

We start Magnificent May with less than 200 participants to recruit - another huge milestone for the ANODE Trial! 156 participants were recruited in April 2018 and already 18 participants in May! Thank you to all our recruiting sites for maintaining momentum in these last few months of the Trial - you're hardwork and dedication is hugely appreciated. Thanks also to our participants for their continued support from all in the ANODE Team.

Less than 300 participants to go!

The ANODE Trial now recruited 3,130 participants so there is now only 294 participants left to recruit until we reach our recrutiment target of 3,424!! We send a huge thank you to all of our recruiting sites and participants! It really is the final count down now - please do keep momentum up we're nearly there!



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