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Sharing practice

Perinatal Mortality Surveillance Report Launch - May 2016

At the meeting to launch the Perinatal Mortality Surveillance Report 2014 on the 17th May 2016 we invited abstract submissions for poster presentations. To continue to share the learning from the presentations the posters are available here to download and save.

Local Case Reviews

Learning together - A regional neonatal mortality review panel

Multidisciplinary review of babies reported to Each Baby Counts

Reducing stillbirth - working as a multidisciplinary team

Review of antepartum stillbirth

The Impact on a DGH Stillbirth Rate

Prevention & Management of Risk Factors

Outcome of practice change for post-dates induction from 42+0 to 41+0

Making stillbirths count

Standardised training & intrapartum electronic fetal monitoring

Implementing the GAP GROW Assessment Protocol - Everybody's Business

Benchmarking against MBRRACE-UK Antepartum Stillbirth Confidential Enquiry

The Manchester Rainbow Clinic - For parents of previous stillbirth

Antenatal detection of small for dates

Top ten teaching and learning strategies to reduce the stillbirth rate

Reducing stillbirth - improving fetal movement awareness

Bereavement Care

Bereavement care network - sharing good practice

Bereavement notes to standardise and enhance care following perinatal loss

Providing bereavement support to parents A new service

Support for bereaved parents- Developing the Beareavement Suite Bubble

Other Initiatives

Bobble hat care bundle to reduce hypothermia

Implementing national standards for post-mortem examination of stillbirths

Moving towards standardised perinatal mortality review

Using maternity wallets to aid safe pregnancy

Using MBRRACE-UK data to change national policy in relation to multiple pregnancies

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