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Research and service evaluation using MBRRACE-UK information

Research and service evaluation using MBRRACE-UK information

The information which MBRRACE-UK collects as part of the Maternal, Newborn and Infant Clinical Outcome Review Programme is not collected primarily for research or service evaluation purposes, however, given that we have such rich national information there are important research and evaluation questions that can be answered using the information we collect. With appropriate permissions in place researchers are able to apply to the Healthcare Quality Improvement Partnership (HQIP), the commissioners of the MBRRACE-UK programme who are also the data controllers, to access aspects of the information we collect in order to conduct research or service evaluation studies designed to address important questions about the health and care of mothers and babies, and the outcomes of pregnancy.

As many of the members of the MBRRACE-UK collaborator are researchers we ourselves, on occasion, apply to use the information collected in the programme to carry out research or evaluation studies; again in order to do this we have to have all the appropriate permissions in place and we also have to apply to HQIP to use the MBRRACE-UK information for these purposes. We also conduct research and service evaluations alongside MBRRACE-UK as adjunct studies to the Clinical Outcome Review Programme. These studies involve either using some aspects of the data collected by MBRRACE-UK or the MBRRACE-UK methods.

Studies and evaluations planned or currently underway

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