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The process and how you can take part

Over approximately 18 months we will work with women and their support networks (families, partners and friends) affected by diabetes in pregnancy, and health care professionals, to identify where little is known, or there are uncertainties about, health care and wellbeing in diabetes and pregnancy.

We will be following the well-established prioritisation process supported by the James Lind Alliance. There are three main stages which need the input of women, their support networks and healthcare professionals:

  1. Gather a long list of uncertainties using an initial survey
  2. Interim Prioritisation. The long list will be sent out in a second survey to identify a shortlist of about 25 questions considered to be most important.
  3. A Final Prioritisation Workshop to order the shortlist and identify our final Top 10 priority research questions.
The Prioritisation Process Explained. Three red circles representing the steps of the process appear in a vertical stack connected by large blue arrows pointing downwards. A line representing the process pathway emerges from the first step, curves through the second and third steps and then terminates in a red arrow. Along the path are some red bullets and some blue bullets. Important input from people who are or have been affected by diabetes in pregnancy, or in pregnancy planning, their support networks and healthcare professionals Processing of the responses and questions working with the steering group Gather a long list of uncertainties Call for questions, worries and comments to gather a long list of uncertainties using an initial survey Categorisation of in-scope uncertainties and refinement into summary questions that are clear and addressable by research Evidence checking and confirmation that questions have not been answered already, or are lacking strong evidence Interim prioritisation to identify short list Interim survey for prioritisation of long list of confirmed questions (questions will be randomised so no two individuals receive the same list) Identify top circa 25 priority questions Final prioritisation The Top 10 Bring together representatives in a final workshop to jointly prioritise the shortlist, and agree the final top 10 priority questions for research to address Share with funders and policy makers to inform research strategy and funding, and enable research directed towards addressing the priorities New project and programme grants and collaborations to address the research priorities of great value to those who will be impacted by it

This initiative is the direct result of the involvement of the NPEU Diabetes in Pregnancy PPI group of women with lived experience of diabetes and pregnancy.

About the James Lind Alliance

For further information on the James Lind Alliance and the Priority Setting Partnerships please visit:

The James Lind Alliance: Priority Setting Partnerships

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