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Our Scope

The Diabetes and Pregnancy PSP will focus on identifying the priority questions in relation to any of the following:

  • women, their partners, babies, and families
  • diabetes, including pre-existing diabetes of any type and subtype, and gestational diabetes
  • the time before, during and after pregnancy, including short to long-term health outcomes
  • screening, causes and prevention, diagnosis, management and treatment of diabetes
  • physical, social, cultural, economic, and psychological aspects
  • co-morbidities (other conditions as well as diabetes in pregnancy) and complications
  • genetics, fertility and related aspects
  • information, education and service improvement
  • relevant to the UK population.

The PSP will exclude from its scope questions about:

  • pregnancy uncertainties not specific to diabetes
  • care of the baby on the neonatal unit
  • questions or priorities without a UK focus or relevance

Please note the PSP will take a step-wise approach to defining the scope in that it will be led by the responses to the surveys throughout the process.

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