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Workstream 5 - The feedback model

Using an iterative process of expert opinion and logistic regression, workstream 5 will develop the case-mix adjusted model to be used for determining outcome of children following surgery. This will be tested on existing data collected for the six conditions included in the CSOR pilot, and then again in the first three months of data (approximately 100 cases) collected by CSOR. The model will be constantly assessed by the expert panel for clinical validity.

Incorporated into workstream 5 will also be a review of existing specialised services quality dashboards, which are used to provide hospitals with data relating to their performance. Clinicians, commissioners, hospital managers and parents will be asked to review these dashboards to determine which aspects work well and should be integrated into the web-based CSOR interface. Provision of surgeon level CSOR outcome data to individual surgeons through the National Clinical Improvement Program portal, Electronic Staff Record, and annual appraisal process will be piloted. CSOR data will also be incorporated into Getting It Right First Time (GIRFT) provider level reports.

Updated: Monday, 11 January 2021 14:59 (v1)