UKMidSS Study Days

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UKMidSS have hosted 2 free study days in Birmingham, the first in November 2016 and most recently in December 2018.  The presentations from each of these events can be found on the website under the study day year headings.

UKMidSS Study days are popular with midwife reporters and are well attended. Feedback from the study days indicates that the midwives benefit greatly from networking with other birth centre reporters across the UK, feel valued to have contributed to a piece of midwifery birth centre relevant research and feel part of the UKMidSS team. UKMidSS related topics presented on the study days add additional value to the educational and developmental aspect of being a UKMidSS reporter. Certificates of attendance are provided as well as a continuous professional development log for midwife revalidation portfolio purposes.

As UKMidSS is a rolling programme of studies, the intention is to hold further study days in the future. All reporters are contacted well in advance of the study day dates and there is additional promotion in our regular Newsletters, so every active UKMidSS reporter should know about, and have the option of registering for the study days.  A small number of travel bursaries have been available to midwives when applied for in advance of the study days.

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