Current studies

UKMidSS enables a rolling programme of different studies.

Study 1: Severe obesity

This national cohort study, which is now complete and was published in December 2018 estimated the prevalence of severe obesity (BMI>35kg/m2) in women starting labour care in AMUs and investigate socio-demographic and clinical characteristics, progress and management of labour, and maternal and neonatal outcomes compared with women of normal weight planning AMU birth.  The link to the publication can be found on this website under Publications.

Study 2: Neonatal admission

This national population-based case-control study has estimated the incidence of and risk factors for admission to neonatal care, stillbirth or early neonatal death in babies born to women who receive all their labour and birth care in AMU. It has described maternal characteristics, labour care and neonatal outcomes and is currently in analysis.

Study 3: Previous PPH

This study will determine the prevalence of PPH in a previous pregnancy among women admitted for labour care to alongside midwifery units and will describe labour care, management and outcomes for these women and their babies compared to other multiparous women admitted for labour care to AMU's.