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Introducing Nisha Shah

Published on Monday, 18 March 2024

I am the new Research Facilitator for the PRU-MNHC. I provide administrative support to the research team and support public involvement activities. I am a social scientist by background. My expertise is in implementing digital health and Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies in healthcare through what's called a 'human factors perspective'. This means understanding how people are likely to behave in relation to technologies and their impact on how people work. I also have a focus on inclusion – so making sure people from diverse backgrounds are considered in research.

I arrived in the PRU-MNHC after deciding to take a career break and work part time in a project management role as long as it was in a healthcare field!

Maternal and neonatal health is a new area of research for me. Of particular interest is the way it can improve patient safety, and I'm excited about how we can better involve the voices of parents, women, and patients in this area of research.

The PRU-MNHC has a long tradition of collaborating with leading academics, clinicians, parents and patients across the UK. The unique approach to ensuring that women's and families' voices are listened to, which underpin the unit's research priorities, is what attracted me to this role. People with lived experiences can provide insights into improving services and patient outcomes.

Outside of work, I play cricket in the summer and badminton all year round, and ramble when the weather shines. This picture of me is doing the London Bridges walk for charity. I make beaded jewellery and I have been practicing my amateur sewing skills. However, my favourite pastime is hanging out with my baby niece with whom I cannot spend enough time!

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