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Theme 3: Women’s experiences of care during pregnancy, labour and afterwards and its impact on their health

Identifying women with mental health problems when they're pregnant or afterbirth. Fiona Alderdice (Lead), Sian Harrison & Charles Opondo, Maria Quigley, Alan Stein

Harrison SE, Ayers S, Quigley MA, Stein A, Alderdice F. Prevalence and factors associated with postpartum posttraumatic stress in a population-based maternity survey in England. Journal of Affective Disorders. 2021;279:749-56.

Why are Black and ethnic minority mothers more likely to die either during pregnancy, or within the first year of giving birth, compared to white mothers born in the UK? Jenny Kurinczuk & Marian Knight (Leads), Kathryn Bunch, Sara Kenyon

Knight M, Bunch K, Vousden N, Banerjee A, Cox P, Cross-Sudworth F, Dhanjal MK, Douglas J, Girling J, Kenyon S, Kotnis R, Patel R, Shakespeare J, Tuffnell D, Wilkinson M, Kurinczuk JJ. A national cohort study and confidential enquiry to investigate ethnic disparities in maternal mortality. EClinicalMedicine. 2022;43:101237.

Who vapes in pregnancy and what impact does vaping have on them and their babies? Maria Quigley (Lead), Charles Opondo, Fiona Alderdice, Claire Carson, Sian Harrison, Alex Heazell

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