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3rd most read paper of 2023 in BJGP

Published on Friday, 09 February 2024 Tweet

Jennifer MacLellan, a Qualitative Researcher working at the NPEU, is the first author on a paper published about perimenopause in ethnic minority women. This paper has been ranked the 3rd most read paper of the year, according to British Journal of General Practice's Top 10 most read papers of 2023.

The paper reports Primary Care Practitioners' (PCP) experiences of ethnic minority women consulting with symptoms of the peri/menopause and authors mirror this with 15 PPI voices responding to / reflecting on the PCP experiences. Its a novel approach that allowed a dialogue, so often missing in the reporting of research. This research has also informed The Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists (RCOG) menopause training module.

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