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Process Evaluation

If you are one of the first families to be enrolled in neoGASTRIC, you might be invited to take part in the Process Evaluation sub-study. This feasibility study is taking place in the first part of the trial to help find out whether any changes need to be made in order to make the trial better.

A member of staff will provide you with relevant information and ask you to complete a brief questionnaire relating to your experience with the trial so far. You might be asked to complete a questionnaire even if have opted your baby out of their involvement in the neoGASTRIC trial.

For more information about the process evaluation please do not hesitate ask a member of the neonatal team or the health professional that provided you with the neoGASTRIC related information.

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neoGASTRIC Parent Questionnaire Flow Chart v0.1 - 11 Apr 2023

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