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Welcome & Introduction to SurfON

Professor Elaine M Boyle, Chief Investigator

SurfON - Riding the crest of the wave!

Professor Elaine M Boyle, Vasha Bari & Shan Gray

SurfON - Looking beyond recruitment

Dr Oliver Rivero-Arias

SurfON - Site perspective and the Associate PI journey

Colm Darby

SurfON - Taking part in SurfON: A parent's perspective

Heather Bell

SurfON - Why collect infant feeding data in SurfON babies?

Professor Elaine M Boyle

SurfON – Exploring current evidences and practices

Dr Charles Roehr, Clinical Director NPEU CTU and Professor Elaine M Boyle, Chief Investigator

Involving Bigger Babies in Research

Prof Elaine Boyle & Dr Shalini Ojha

Surfactant for Respiratory Distress Syndrome in Late Preterms – The Evidence

Dr David Sweet, Consultant Neonatologist and Co-Investigator

Respiratory Outcomes in Late Preterm Birth

Dr Charles Roehr, NPEU CTU Clinical Director

The Challenge Ahead

Babies Who Missed The Wave

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