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CAROBB - Monitoring rates of congenital anomalies for surveillance purposes and research

Principal investigator
Jenny Kurinczuk (NPEU)
Kay Randall (NPEU (Former member)), Catherine Rounding (NPEU (Former member))
Congenital anomalies
DH Registers, DH - Healthcare Quality Directorate, Healthcare Quality Improvement Partnership, Public Health England
Start year
End year
NPEU Contact
Jenny Kurinczuk


Funding by the Department of Health was awarded in 2003 to maintain and expand the previously established Oxford Congenital Anomaly Register (OXCAR) to include Berkshire and Buckinghamshire. Ascertainment of congenital anomalies to the newly formed congenital anomaly register, CAROBB, is now well established. The register collects data on all fetuses in whom there is a suspicion of congenital malformation suspected prenatally and on all babies with a congenital abnormality diagnosed postnatally in a defined population. Data are downloaded electronically from CAROBB to EUROCAT (European Concerted Action on Congenital Anomalies and Twins), to NDSCR (National Down Syndrome Cytogenetic Register) and to the BINOCAR (British Isles Network of Congenital Anomaly Registers) hub. Data from all currently operating congenital anomalies registers are pooled at the BINOCAR hub and published as a national report ( The extension of the OXCAR congenital anomaly register into a larger population has improved the precision of prevalence estimates for the Thames Valley Region. The first report of data from the register was issued in 2008 which gives details of congenital anomalies reported to CAROBB for births 2005 to 2006 and the third report up dates this with information on births 2005-2010.


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