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A population-based national study of the surgical outcomes of infants born with posterior urethral valves.

Principal investigator
Marian Knight (NPEU)
Liam McCarthy (Birmingham Children's Hospital), Anna-May Long (NPEU (Former member))
Paediatric surgery
National Institute for Health Research
Start year
End year
NPEU Contact
Marian Knight


This study will use BAPS-CASS to conduct a prospective, national observational investigation of the incidence, presentation, current management strategies and outcome at one year after diagnosis of children with posterior urethral valves in the UK and Ireland.

Selected Research Questions

  • What is the incidence and what are the outcomes of the condition for babies?
  • What is the risk of urinary tract infection (UTI), renal failure and mortality in the first year of life?
  • When do boys typically present?
  • What proportion present late?
  • Are any factors associated with a poor outcome for infants?
  • How is the condition managed in the UK?
  • Does circumcision reduce the risk of UTI, taking into account known prognostic factors?