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Listen2Baby's first ethnographic fieldwork site goes live!

Animated image of a pregnant woman sitting on an excercise ball whilst a kneeling midwife monitors her baby's heartbeat using a hand held Doppler ultrasound device

Credit: Illustration by Liliana Resende Design

Published on Thursday, 16 November 2023 Tweet

Listen2Baby is a mixed methods, multi-site study aiming to improve the practice of 'intermittent auscultation'. This method of monitoring the baby's heart rate during labour involves regular listening using a handheld ultrasound device or fetal stethoscope. It is used by midwives across the UK for women who are having an uncomplicated labour, and by midwives around for the world, particularly in resource-poor settings.

In one work package of Listen2Baby we are exploring the context and practice of intermittent auscultation using ethnographic fieldwork, observing midwives looking after women in labour and talking to them about their practice. We're pleased to announce that the first of our ethnographic fieldwork sites, at Kings Mill Hospital, Sherwood Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, is now live!

Listen2Baby Chief Investigator Dr Rachel Rowe said,

We're really pleased to have started data collection for this really important component of this research and we particularly thank everyone involved at Kings Mill Hospital who have helped make this happen. There is so little research about intermittent auscultation, which is such a central facet of midwifery practice. This study will help us understand more about midwifery practice in this area and support midwives to give the best care for women and babies.

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