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Manisha Nair is an Asian Woman of Achievement!

Published on Tuesday, 30 April 2019 Tweet

Last night Manisha Nair was presented the prize for the Science category at the Asian Women of Achievement Awards 2019

...for using science to really make a difference...

Manisha is a Senior Epidemiologist and Research Fellow and has established a UK-India collaborative platform for maternal and perinatal health research called MaatHRI and is currently using this platform to conduct large epidemiological studies to improve pregnancy care and outcomes in pregnant women with anaemia.

Her work in India is investigating the risk factors, outcomes and clinical characteristics of heart failure in pregnant women; examining the safety of induction and augmentation of labour in pregnant women with anaemia; examining the difference in coagulation parameters in pregnant women with and without anaemia; and estimating the incidence of selected severe pregnancy complications.

Congratulations Manisha!!!

Please see the NDPH news page for further reading.

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