MBRRACE-UK release: Saving Lives, Improving Mothers’ Care, Lessons learned to inform maternity care from the UK and Ireland Confidential Enquiries into Maternal Deaths and Morbidity 2013–15, December 2017

The fourth annual Saving Lives, Improving Mothers’ Care report issued by the MBRRACE-UK collaboration is published today 7th December 2017: You can read it on the MBRRACE-UK reports page.

In this, the latest Confidential Enquiry into Maternal Deaths and Morbidity, the MBRRACE-UK collaboration report on the care of 124 women who died during or after pregnancy in the UK and Ireland between 2013 and 2015, and 46 women who had severe illness in this period. In particular the care for women with severe epilepsy and women who had severe mental illness was examined, as well as the care for women who died.

A key finding was that forward planning of care and optimising medication doses for women with physical and mental health problems could make a major difference to women’s risk of complications during and after pregnancy. In particular pregnant women and those who are planning pregnancy who are on medication should not discontinue their treatment without consulting a specialist. 

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