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UKMidSS Study Day 2024

UKMidSS Study Day 2024

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Lunchtime Drop-in Research Clinic

For our Study Day this year we'll have something a bit different available over lunch. Yes, you can still have lunch, but if you've got a research question, or just the seed of an idea that might be a research question, we'll have people on hand to work with you to develop it.Is there something from your practice experience that bugs you? Have you ever wondered, why do we do things this way, what's the evidence for that? Have you asked colleagues and read guidance, but not been able to find the answer? That might be the beginnings of a research question. We can help you work out what to do next.Or do you have a clear idea for a research project, but you don't know how to start or where to turn for advice? We can help with that too.

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