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Consensus meeting details confirmed

The date for the consensus meeting for the NETS¹ᴴᴰ study has been confirmed as the 21st of June 2016, and the venue will be the Studio in Leeds. The meeting is being run in conjunction with the pediatric colorectal club course, which will take place from the 22nd-23rd of June.

NETS¹ᴴᴰ Proceeds to Phase one

Phase one of the Delphi process for the NETS¹ᴴᴰ study has started. Data collection for phase one of the Delphi process began on the 8th of January, and is going well. However, if you are interested in taking part in the study, but haven’t yet registered, you can still do so via the Taking Part page . The last possible opportunity to register will be the 26th of February.

NETS¹ᴴᴰ registration is closing

Thank you to everyone who has registered for the NETS¹ᴴᴰ study. Taking part in the study we have 11 people with Hirschsprung’s Disease, 76 parents of children with Hirschsprung’s, 7 specialist nurses, 12 other clinicians with a specialist interest, and 34 paediatric surgeons. Participants come from all over the UK,  Europe, Scandinavia, America, Canada and Australasia.

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