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Work package 1

A national survey of practice to investigate and describe intermittent auscultation (IA) devices, counting, training and audit.

In November-December 2022 we used the UK Midwifery Study System (UKMidSS) to carry out a survey of all UK midwifery units, supplemented by invitations to heads of midwifery and fetal monitoring lead midwives in NHS organisations without midwifery units.

What was the survey about?

The survey asked respondents about the IA devices and counting methods used in their unit, any IA training packages used and the scale and frequency of IA audit, to get a national picture of practice.

What did the survey tell us?

The survey had a 75% response rate, representing responses from over 80% of NHS organisations providing maternity care. Results are currently being analysed by the research team.

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