PRU-MHC Policy Research Unit in Maternal Health & Care


The Policy Research Unit in Maternal Health and Care (PRU-MHC) was established in 2010 with funding from the Department. Health. The Unit is based in the National Perinatal Epidemiology Unit, University of Oxford. The aim of the PRU-MHC is to conduct research and review existing evidence to improve the care given to women, their babies and their families by contributing to the evidence base for clinical practice and health-policy at the national and local level. The Unit has four research themes with a series of projects being conducted under each theme over the five year period of the PRU-MHC funding. The PRU-MHC researchers also undertake additional projects responding to policy information requests from the DH; these can be short or long term projects.

Key researchers based in the PRU-MHC

Contact details

Prof Jenny Kurinczuk
Policy Research Unit in Maternal Health & Care (PRU-MHC)
National Perinatal Epidemiology Unit (NPEU)
Nuffield Department of Population Health
University of Oxford
Old Road Campus

01865 289719
01865 289701

PRU-MHC Research Themes and Projects

1. The healthy mother and child (14 projects)

2. Pregnancy loss and perinatal mortality (3 projects)

3. Maternal morbidity and mortality (7 projects)

4. Perinatal mental health and disabilities' (2 projects)