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PMRT internet browser specification

Before using the PMRT through the MBRRACE-UK web-based system it is imperative that you check that you are using the correct internet browser i.e. the program that you use to access the Internet.

Older versions are not able to provide sufficient security and may not work properly with the MBRRACE-UK web-based system.

What you need to do:

You must use a computer which has one of the following browsers the access the Internet:

For highest security and best performance we strongly recommend the following three browsers:

  • Google Chrome (latest versions)
  • Mozilla Firefox (latest versions)
  • Microsoft Edge (80+, latest versions)

The following browsers are also currently supported, but you may encounter performance issues on slower computers (e.g. the website might run slowly or pages might freeze):

  • Microsoft Edge (version 44)
  • Internet Explorer 11

If you are not sure how to find out which browser you are using then there are many helpful websites such as:

Or you could ask your local IT support team.

For enquiries about internet access please contact us either by using the ‘contact us’ facility at the top of the screen within the tool or by emailing us at

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