The rate of caesarean section is steadily increasing in the Nordic countries.
It is documented in case control studies that women with a prior caesarean section have an increased risk of severe complications such as uterine rupture and placenta praevia in the subsequent pregnancies and deliveries. However, the current rates and severity of these and other serious rare complications are not documented. One of the reasons for this is that definitions and codes used for reporting to the Nordic Medical Birth registries are heterogeneous or missing.
At a Nordic workshop in September 2008 funded by NFOG (The Nordic Federation of Societies of Obstetrics and Gynecology) and NOMBIR (the Nordic Medical Birth Registries) we designed a common project to describe and analyze rare serious pregnancy complications that are reported to occur in women with a previous caesarean section.
Nordic obstetricians in collaboration with the Nordic Birth Registries will be collecting data over the period 1. April 2009- 1. August 2012.

Data will be compared with UK data on uterine rupture and placenta accreta collected through UKOSS in the same time period.

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