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Information for Parents

With the help of charities who support parents with babies born prematurely, and with the help of individual parents of children born premature and adults who were born prematurely themselves, we have developed these simple summaries of our research findings.

We understand that parents of babies born preterm may find some of this information worrying. If you read our research findings, you will see that as children grow older the differences in outcomes begin to narrow a little. Clinical guidelines for monitoring those most likely group to be affected by prematurity (those born before 30 weeks) are continually updated in the light of studies, such TIGAR, and other research in this area.

Families can find links to organisations which support parents of babies born preterm below. These links are also included in the lay summary of our findings.

Our findings explained:

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Lay Summary

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For information about preterm birth, including information about common illnesses, developmental milestones and follow-up, and starting school:

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