Neonatal unit survey of communication, facilities and support for parents of preterm babies

One of the aims of the study, which was the second element of a larger scale project, (POPPY) was to establish what interventions neonatal units use to support parents of pre-term babies, particularly in relation to communication, support and information. The main study involved a collaboration with NCT, BLISS and the RCN. The survey built on previous work by the investigators on the organisation of neonatal care. A questionnaire was developed and sent to all units in the UK. The data the survey collected established a useful baseline of policies, facilities, practice and care interventions with babies, parents and families.

A POPPY study report has been published and disseminated by BLISS and NCT, and three papers have been published in peer reviewed journals


Journal Articles

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Maggie Redshaw
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Karen Hamilton (external investigator)
Maggie Redshaw (external investigator)
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