National Maternity Survey 2010: women's experience of maternity care

A further national maternity survey was undertaken by the NPEU in 2010 using the same methods as were employed in 2006. The target sample size was increased to 10,000 and additional sections included on fathers' involvement and on women whose babies were admitted to neonatal care. Mailings of questionnaires went out to women at three months after the birth and an online questionnaire option was made available.

The survey provided new data on fathers' engagement and updated information about choice and information, care and services from the perspective of women who had recently given birth. Like the 2006 survey, it enabled exploration of the experience of different groups of women and makes some comparisons across time and between women receiving care in different geographical areas of England. Over five thousand women responded and key findings were published on the NPEU website in a report 'Delivered with care: a national survey of women's experience of maternity care 2010'. A wide range of papers have been published using this data set.


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