Neonatal Taskforce Workforce: neonatal staff survey analysis

The Neonatal Taskforce is an NHS led group that was set up by the Department of Health on neonatal services and provision in England in response to the 2007 National Audit Office report on neonatal services. It comprised four working groups: Data for Commissioning; Transfer (Transport), Surgery and Workforce. The Neonatal Taskforce Workforce group aimed aim to describe workforce management and planning principles for neonatal care and to help inform this work, baseline data on the current neonatal workforce was undertaken by NPEU. The overarching objective was to enable the Neonatal Taskforce and DH to understand the current provision of neonatal services in England.

The data from a neonatal staffing survey, addressing information gaps on staff numbers and configurations, were collated and analysed to facilitate option assessments and costings by the Neonatal Taskforce. A comprehensive report of summary statistics and findings on current capacity, workload, workforce planning, staffing levels, skill mix and outreach services was prepared to support the work of the Neonatal Taskforce in preparing 'The Toolkit for High Quality Neonatal Services' published by the Department of Health in 2009.

NPEU Contact:
Maggie Redshaw
Chief Investigators:
Maggie Redshaw (external investigator)
Last updated:
Monday, 06 May 2013 15:57