IndOSS-Assam: Investigating the feasibility of introducing a simple maternal morbidity surveillance and research system in Assam, India

India has the highest number of maternal deaths worldwide and within India, Assam has the highest maternal mortality ratio. Assam is one of seven states in the north-east of India, and has had problems with armed indurgency and related security concerns since independence in 1947. This adds to the challenge of establishing routine surveillance systems, yet these are urgently needed in order to investigate the risk factors for maternal morbidity and mortality in the stat e, as well as to assess the impact of ongoing maternal health programmes. Once established, a surveillance system could provide a platform to conduct epidemiological studies, to generate evidence to prevent severe maternal morbidity (defined as life-threatening complications during pregnancy and childbirth) and to guide management of severe obstetric complications to reduce mortaility.

The United Kingdom has successfully implemented a surveillance and research system, the UK Obstetric Surveillance System (UKOSS), which has enabled the collection of anonymous information on a range of uncommon but severe pregnancy complications nationally. The aim of this study is to assess the feasibility of establishing a simple obstetric surveillance and research system in Assam (the Indian Obstetric Surveillance System - Assam (IndOSS-Assam) using the UKOSS model in order to describe the changing epidemiology of risk factors, managment and outcomes associated with maternal deaths and specific morbidities in the state. This is a collaborative study between the NPEU and Srimanta Sankaradeva University of Health Sciences in Assam, India. Four main task will be undertaken in the development and piloting of IndOSS-Assam: (i) setting up a steering committee; (ii) establishing priorities for the region; (iii) mapping of reporting hospitals; and (iv) piloting the system of case notification cards in selected centres.


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