Recorded delivery: a national survey of women's experience of maternity care 2006

The report presents the results of a recent survey of women's views about their maternity care. The last national survey of women's experience of maternity care 'First class delivery' was carried out in 1995. The study findings provide a picture of current practice and a way of measuring change over the last ten years and in the future. The data collected and reported can inform policy in maternity care, suggest ways in which maternity care can be improved and provide a point of comparison for local audits of women's views and experiences in individual Trusts.

The research was funded by the Department of Health, the Healthcare Commission and the Information Centre for Health and Social Care.


2006 survey methodology: a random sample of 4800 women was selected by the Office for National Statistics from birth registration for births in one week in March 2006. Women whose babies had died and mothers less than sixteen years of age were excluded. The usable response rate for the postal survey was 63%; 13% of respondents came from Black and Ethnic Minority groups. Nearly three thousand recent mothers across England responded to the survey, conducted in 2006, giving their views on the care and information they received through pregnancy, birth and postnatally, both in hospital and at home.

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