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Peer support during pregnancy and the postnatal period

New research on models of peer support during pregnancy and the postnatal year has been published in BMC Pregnancy and Childbirth. This qualitative study, by NPEU's Jenny McLeish and Maggie Redshaw, is based on interviews with 89 participants and focuses on the perceptions of the trained volunteers who give peer support and the mainly disadvantaged mothers who receive it, exploring their understanding of what peer support is, who a peer supporter is, and the unique nature of the peer support relationship. Read the full paper.

100th interviewee for Peer Support for Women

The Peer Support for Women project, which is researching the experience of giving and receiving peer support during pregnancy and the postnatal year, has now carried out its 100th qualitative interview. Researchers have interviewed both trained volunteers who have given peer support and mothers who have received it at 11 pregnancy/postnatal peer support projects in Birmingham, Bristol, Bradford, Burnley, Halifax, Hull, London and North Yorkshire. Results will be available later this year.  

Breastfeeding inequalities narrowing?

A new paper by NPEU researchers Laura Oakley, Maria Quigley and others shows that breastfeeding rates in England increased from 65.6% in 2008-9 to 72.4% in 2012-13.  There was a larger increase in more deprived areas, suggesting a narrowing of inequalities in breastfeeding.  Read the full paper.

14th World Association for Infant Mental Health Congress

From 12th-18th June Emily Savage-McGlynn and Maggie Redshaw will be in Edinburgh at the WAIMH World Congress and other pre-Congress events. They will be presenting work from a number of studies including work on resilience in children whose mothers had postnatal depression.

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