Ursula Bowler

Senior Trials Manager


Ursula Bowler joined the National Perinatal Epidemiology Unit in September 1990 and has worked on a wide variety of research studies including a longitudinal follow-up study, a Delphi Study looking at priorities for research in midwifery and randomised controlled trials in phases II, III and IV. In 2001 she was appointed Senior Trials Manager; in this role she oversees the management of the trials within the CTU portfolio. She is a senior member of the NPEU CTU Core Trials Team who support investigators with research ideas that they would like to develop, and offer advice or support on all aspects of trial design, management, conduct and analysis. Her work includes wide ranging collaborations with the HRA, with a view to rationalising the bureaucratic burden surrounding trials, the NHS R&D Forum, several charities, parent & public involvement and numerous sponsoring organisations. Her approach is founded on common sense, a keen eye for identifying problems before they occur and finding practical solutions in often challenging circumstances.


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