Neora Alterman

Neora Alterman BSc, MSc


Third year DPhil Student

Neora is interested in the long term implications of Caesarean sections on child health. Her research is supervised by Prof. Maria Quigley and Prof. Jenny Kurinczuk



Neora joined NPEU in 2015 as a DPhil student. Her previous degrees are both from Tel-Aviv University:  A Bachelor of Science in biology and chemistry and a Masters in Medical Sciences in the field of human genetics. Her master’s thesis focused on the rare genetic recessive disorder ‘Ataxia-Telangiectasia’.

After the birth of her first daughter, Neora decided to make a shift to the perinatal field. In order to gain direct professional knowledge of the field, she first trained as a doula (birth-support professional) and childbirth educator. In preparation for her doctoral studies, she took graduate courses in epidemiology and statistics at Tel- Aviv University. Her research passion is to continue to unlock the multifaceted factors of the perinatal period and their long term effects on the child.