Jane Forrester-Barker

Jane Forrester-Barker


MBRRACE-UK Data Co-ordinator

Providing administrative support to the MBRRACE-UK Confidential enquiry into Maternal Death.

Email: jane.forrester-barker@npeu.ox.ac.uk


Trained in Dartford and Gravesham Health Authority as a Medical Laboratory Scientific Officer specialising in the Biochemistry field. Later I moved into analyical chemistry for a paper manufacturer and a margarine manufacturer. Ventured into education as a Science technician at a sixth form college. Took a new direction into administration using the ever changing database and spreadsheet softwares. A move to Oxford brought me to work between the Congential Anomaly Register and the UKOSS database assisting with administration since May 2009. 1st October 2012 to March 2015 worked on the Carobb Register. April 2015 Data Co-ordinator for MBRRACE-UK Confidential enquiry into material death.