Benjamin Allin

Mr Benjamin Allin MBBS BSc MRCS


Academic Clinical Fellow in Paediatric Surgery

Ben Allin is a surgical trainee and clinical researcher, with interests in surgical conditions affecting the newborn infant, and the development of evidence-based surgical practice.



Ben Allin graduated in Medicine from Imperial College London in 2010. After completing foundation training at Ealing NHS Trust, and Chelsea & Westminster Hospital in London, he was appointed as an Academic Clinical Fellow in Paediatric Surgery in the Oxford Deanery. Ben joined the NPEU in 2012, to work on the BAPS-CASS studies and to undertake projects focussed on the development of evidence-based practice in paediatric surgery. He has recently been awarded an NIHR Doctoral Research Fellowship, and a place to study for a DPhil in population health at the University of Oxford. Following completion of this, he will return to clinical work to complete his training as a paediatric surgeon. 


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