Jenny Kurinczuk

Professor of Perinatal Epidemiology, Director of the National Perinatal Epidemiology Unit (NPEU)

Jenny Kurinczuk is a clinical epidemiologist working in the area of maternal and child health

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Senior staff

Ursula Bowler

Senior Trials Manager

Ursula is a senior member of the NPEU CTU Core Trials Team who support investigators with research ideas that they would like to develop, and offer advice or support on all aspects of trial design, management, conduct and analysis.

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Brian Hicks

Head of IT and InfoSec

Head of IT and Information Security for NPEU. Working closely also with the wider University and other organisations.

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Jennifer Hollowell

Associate Professor

Jennifer Hollowell is an epidemiologist and senior policy researcher with research interests in the safety of intrapartum care in different birth settings and in ethnic/social inequalities in infant mortality.

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Ed Juszczak

Associate Professor - Director, NPEU Clinical Trials Unit

Ed Juszczak has over 20 years of experience working in medical statistics, and since 1998 has specialised in clinical trial design, conduct, analysis and interpretation, publishing in the highest impact journals.

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Marian Knight

Professor of Maternal and Child Population Health

Marian Knight focuses on using national observational studies to address clinical questions concerning rare and severe complications of pregnancy and early life.

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Louise Linsell

Senior Medical Statistician

Louise has over 20 years of experience in research and medical statistics and has completed a NIHR Doctoral Research Fellowship in the field of neonatal medicine and long-term follow-up.

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Maria Quigley

Professor of Statistical Epidemiology

Maria Quigley has research interests in child health and development following perinatal 'exposures' such as preterm birth, infertility treatment, breastfeeding and smoking.

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Oliver Rivero-Arias

Associate Professor in Health Economics - Senior Health Economist

Oliver has more than 15 years experience in health economics and his research interests concern the methodology and application of economic evaluation.

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Rachel Rowe

University Research Lecturer

Rachel Rowe is a Senior Health Services Researcher in the NPEU with an interest in intrapartum care, the organisation of maternity care and womens experience.

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Researchers and other project staff

Benjamin Allin

Academic Clinical Fellow in Paediatric Surgery

Ben Allin is a surgical trainee and clinical researcher, with interests in surgical conditions affecting the newborn infant, and the development of evidence-based surgical practice.

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Anna Balchan

Administrative Assistant for UKOSS and BAPS-CASS

I am an Administrative Assistant for UKOSS and BAPS-CASS for the UKOSS office.

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Vasha Bari

Clinical data coordinator/admin assistant

I am one of the data coordinators for the SIFT study. I previously worked in data management within respiratory (University of Oxford) and late phase haematology trials (NHS).

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Jennifer Bell

Medical Statistician

I joined NPEU Clinical Trials Unit in 2015. I am the trial statistician for the Baby-OSCAR, PITCHES, E-Freeze & Poppi trials.

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Thomas Boby

Senior MBRRACE-UK programmer

Thomas is working on developing the web interface and database system of the MBRRACE-UK online reporting system. He is also working on the new PMRT project.

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Kathryn Bunch


Kathryn joined NPEU in 2014 and is currently working on a review of modifiable risk factors for stillbirths and also the analysis of some of the UKOSS datasets.

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Helen Campbell

Health Economics Researcher

Helen is as a health economist with experience of trial and model-based health economic evaluation.

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Victoria Coathup

Researcher in Epidemiology and Statistics

I am currently working on the TIGAR project. I will be exploring preterm birth and health outcomes during childhood using HES data.

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Christina Cole

E-Freeze Trial Manager

Christina Cole is the E-Freeze Trial Manager, a multi-centre randomised controlled comparing freezing in assited concpetion with fresh embryo transfer.

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Stephanie Edwards

Quality Assurance Associate

Helping to share best practice, identify risks and mitigation strategies, enhance local Standard Operating Procedures, interpret regulatory and audit requirements and provide local advice, training and support.

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Kate Fitzpatrick

Epidemiologist/Health services researcher and NIHR Doctoral Research Fellow

Kate is an epidemiologist/health services researcher

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Karen Gillham

Baby-OSCAR Data Coordinator / Administrative Assistant

Started working on Baby-OSCAR project in October 2017 after working for Oxford University for past 2 years previously on research project Haematology in newborns with Down syndrome and follow-up based at JR.

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Sian Harrison


Sian has a background in Clinical Psychology and is working on a survey of infant and maternal health within the PRU-MHC work programme.

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Jane Henderson


Jane Henderson is a health services researcher working on women's experiences of maternity care. She is also interested in infant feeding and multiple pregnancy and birth.

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Madeleine Hurd

SIFT Trial Data Coordinator/Administrative Assistant

I work with the SIFT Trial Coordinator to maintain data systems integrity and ensure prompt and accurate processing of trial administration and data. My main focus is coordination of the SIFT participant follow-up process.

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Mary Kroll

Researcher in Statistics and Epidemiology

Studying ethnic variation in infant mortality in England and Wales.

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Yangmei Li

Epidemiologist / Health Services Researcher

Yangmei Li is an epidemiologist and health services researcher with research interests in the safety of intrapartum care in different birth settings and in ethnic/social inequalities in infant mortality.

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Vaneesha Monk

Trial Manager

Vaneesha is the Trial Manager for the Minidex multicentre RCT exploring the efficacy and safety of very low dose dexamethasone for facilitating extubation of ventilator-dependent preterm babies. Vaneesha is also the Trial Manager for the Poppi single-centre RCT investigating the efficacy of morphine analgesia for procedural pain in infants.

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Manisha Nair

Senior Epidemiologist/ Health Services Researcher

Manisha Nair is a Senior Epidemiologist and MRC Career Development Fellow. She is working towards establishing a UK-India collaborative platform for maternal and perinatal health research (called MaatHRI).

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Melanie O'Connor

Programme Manager UKNeS/UKOSS/BAPS-CASS

Melanie O'Connor is Programme Manager for the UKNeS Programme and also the UKOSS and BAPS-CASS surveillance systems

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Charles Opondo

Researcher in Statistics and Epidemiology

Charles is a pharmacist and medical statistician with an interest in child health

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Anne Smith

PITCHES Trial Co-ordinator

Anne is now Trial Co-ordinator for PITCHES having previously worked as Deputy Programme Manager for the UKOSS and BAPS-CASS Surveillance Systems

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Peter Smith

MBRRACE-UK senior programmer

Peter Smith is a programmer specialising in data collection systems with an interest in information security

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Rachel Smith

Maternal Programme Manager - MBRRACE-UK

I am working on the MBRRACE-UK project as the maternal programme manager.

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Kayleigh Stanbury

Trial Co-ordinator and Core Trials Support Role

Kayleigh project manages the Poppi Trial, she is also part of the core trials team and helps support the unit in developing new trials and manages other Trial Coordinators within the unit.

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Richard Welsh

Trials Programmer

Database and web interface programmer currently focussing on the development of internal administration systems for the coordination of current and future trials and studies

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Rachel Williams

NeoCLEAR Trial Manager

Rachel is the Trial Manager for NeoCLEAR, which will be looking at improving techniques for lumbar puncture in babies suspected to have meningitis. This trial is currently in set up.

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Unit administrative and support staff

Darren Connor

Quality Assurance Manager

Involved in maintaining and updating the Quality Management System in place, required for the smooth running of clinical trials within NPEU.

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Jennifer Duffin

Deputy Programme Manager for UKOSS and BAPS-CASS

I assist the Head of UKOSS and the UKOSS Programme Manager in the day-to-day running of BAPS-CASS and UKOSS.

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Dagmar Hutt

PA to Professor Jenny Kurinczuk and Dr Ed Juszczak

Dagmar provides administrative support to Professor Jenny Kurinczuk and Dr Ed Juszczak

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Andy Kirk

Design, Publications and Website Manager

Andy is the webmaster for the unit, and oversees the design output for it and all its various projects.

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Karen Lindsay

Deputy Administrator

Karen Lindsay is the Deputy Administrator for the NPEU, working within a team of seven administrative staff who deliver HR and Financial support to the Unit. Karen manages three of the admin team and has primary responsibility for all aspects of HR within the NPEU.

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Dianne Ward

PA to Prof Marian Knight and Prof Maria Quigley

Started work here in April 2015 and enjoying being part of a happy team at NPEU.

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Visitors and students

Neora Alterman

Third year DPhil Student

Neora is interested in the long term implications of Caesarean sections on child health. Her research is supervised by Prof. Maria Quigley and Prof. Jenny Kurinczuk

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Noon Altijani

DPhil Student

My area of research is maternal mortality in Sudan. Through my research I aim to develop/ adapt provider-based maternal death review tools.

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Hemali Jayakody

Visiting academic

I'm a medical doctor specialized in public health. My research interests are on maternal and child health programmes and implementation science.

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Stephen McCall

DPhil Candidate

Stephen is in the third year of his DPhil, which will examine severe complications in pregnancy through international collaborations.

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Deon Simpson

Academic Visitor

Deon pursued a DPhil in NPEU from 2014 to 2017. Her research investigated the relationship between changing social and cultural trends and increasing breastfeeding rates in Great Britain. Currently, she is working with colleagues in the Unit to disseminate findings from her research.

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