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Trials that matter… BUMPES


The BUMPES trial has been featured on the MoreTrials website in the ‘Trials that matter’ series. BUMPES was led at the NPEU by Ed Juszczak, Pollyanna Hardy and Oliver Rivero-Arias as part of a multicentre collaborative group. Women who had received an epidural anaesthetic were randomised to either an upright or lying down position in the second stage of labour. The primary outcome of the trial was spontaneous vaginal birth.

Women in the lying down group had significantly better chance of spontaneous vaginal birth, and no disadvantages were apparent on the short or longer term for both mother and baby.

You can read more about the BUMPES study in the British Medical Journal.

New Year, New NPEU Brand!

A few months ago the NPEU commissioned a new brand identity, complete with new colours and logo. This is the result:

New NPEU logo

Launching 01-01-2018!

Throughout 2018 as part of our 40th Anniversary celebrations we will be rolling out this new identity on our new documents and correspondence.

NPEU wins big at Oxford University’s 4th Annual Apprenticeship Awards and Graduation Ceremony

Katherine receiving her award at the Sheldonian ceremony.

We are delighted to announce that we received two awards at the University of Oxford’s 4th Annual Apprenticeship Awards and Graduation Ceremony. Our very own Katherine Whitcher, Apprentice Software Developer and Tester, took home the Best Poster award for a poster submission illustrating her personal apprenticeship journey in NPEU. Sarah Chamberlain and Andy Kirk both won the Apprenticeship Manager Award. Sarah is NPEU’s Graphic and Multimedia Designer and Andy is the manager for NPEU’s designs, publications and website.

This year’s award ceremony was held on the 7th of December at the Sheldonian Theatre. It brought together apprentices and their family members, among others, to celebrate the continuing successful work of the University’s apprenticeship programme. Further information about the ceremony is available on the University of Oxford website.

Well done Katherine, Sarah and Andy!

Trials that matter… INFANT

The INFANT study has been featured on the MoreTrials website under a series called ‘Trials that matter’.  The INFANT study, which involved NPEU researchers Ed Juszczak, Louise Linsell and Maria Quigley, recruited more than 47,000 women and assessed whether automated computerised interpretation of the fetal heart rate during labour improved major outcomes such as neonatal death and child development at age 2.

Read more about the results of the INFANT study.   

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