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362 couples recruited. E-Freeze hits ⅓ of its target

Celebrating 362 couples recruited to E-Freeze

Huge congratulations to all our centres for their ongoing support of E-Freeze, we have now hit one third of our recruitment target with 362 couples recruited to E-Freeze.

E-Freeze passes 1000 consents

Huge congratulations to all our centres, we have now consented over 1000 couples to E-Freeze. Special congratulations to Charlotte and Jean at Guy’s Hospital who consented the 1000th couple.

E-Freeze hits nearly 1000 consents… the countdown is on!

Huge congratulations to all our sites who have consented nearly 1000 couples. As a thank you, we will be providing a small gift to the centre who consents the 1000th couple. Thank you for all your support.

Nurture Clinic randomises first couple

Congratulations to the Nurture clinic on randomising their first couple to E-Freeze.

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