Autumn 2018

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We would like to update you on your valuable input into this important research.

Where are we now?

As part of the trial, over 250 babies have been enrolled so far with the aim to recruit a total of 730 babies.

All the researchers are grateful to families like yours, who help to improve knowledge and understanding by taking part in clinical trials and improve the care of babies in the future.

What happens next?

The Baby-OSCAR trial plans to follow up babies at around 2 years of age.  As it is important to find out how babies are doing in the longer term, we need to gather as much information on babies who took part in the Baby-OSCAR trial.  In order to do this, we will send a questionnaire for you to complete about your child’s health.

When the study is over, the results will be published and we will send a newsletter to tell you what we have found out.  If you decide that you prefer not to receive newsletters, or information about our findings, you can tell us not to send any more; you can always change your mind later.

Please let us know if your family circumstances change, you move house or change your phone numbers so that we can keep in touch with you; it would also be useful to have details of your new GP.

Group of multi-ethnic infants in colourful clothes

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