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Recruitment Update

13 babies recruited to the main trial so far, taking us to the total of 35.

A huge thank you to the teams at Luton & Dunstable University Hospital, Leicester Royal Infirmary and Leeds General Infirmary who have recruited their first babies this week, meaning that all of our new sites have now recruited. Well done!


Research in the news

Hitting the headlines this week has been research into an artificial womb, rather like a plastic sack. The womb has been tested on premature lambs, successfully allowing them to continue their development and growth within an environment that resembles the womb with amniontic fluid, connected by the umbilical cord to a special machine that functions similarly to the mother's placenta. Further research will be carried out in the next few years to ensure the safety of the device before trialling in humans. If successful, this research will hopefully make a huge difference to the health and development of babies born prematurely, allowing the babies to be incubated in an environment that is so much closer to that of the mother's womb. 

The paper detailing the research can be found here;

You can also read the BBC News report here;

Journeys through Neonatal Intensive Care

The prospect of a baby arriving early or very sick can be a scary one. There is lots of information to take in quickly, decisions to be made and all the while emotions are running high. The consultants and nurses working on the Neonatal Intensive Care Units are wonderful at caring both for the babies in their care, and also supporting the families through a journey full of ups and downs. There is a great sense of community on the unit, and although as a parent it may feel like a lonely and daunting time, there is plenty of help, support and information available.

Bliss is a charity that is dedicated to providing information about babies who are born premature or sick, and supporting families and health professionals who are affected by this. You can read stories of other people's journeys through Neonatal Intensive Care on their website, follow the link below.

2 + 2

Baby-OSCAR is well and truly up and running after such a long wait.

This week we have two new babies recruited into the trial - thank you to the teams at Jessop Wing, Sheffield and Liverpool Women's Hospital for their efforts and care. A thank you also to the families who have chosen to support our research in this way.

We also have two new sites opening this week - Luton & Dunstable and Leicester Royal Infirmary....there are more on the way so watch this space!

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